Creations by Chelsy Photography » Photographer for the fashion forward North Dakotan senior.

Notes to Bree :: Tioga Senior photographer

The set up for Tioga’s prom was second to none!  cloth table cloths, white chair covers, light up trees, chandler, music and dancing.  But there was something missing!  Junior Bree Hanson!  Bree was the much needed recipient of a heart transplant just a few weeks ago.  Though her new heart is going to let her experience so much in life, it has momentarily put her out of commission while she recovers from surgery.  I had just spoken to Bree the day before she bought her prom dress.  She was so excited to be going to prom this year!  Through the help of technology, she was able to FaceTime with her class, and participate in photos and grand march.  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one with misty eyes has the iPad was escorted through grand march, for everyone to see how pretty she looked after her nurses had curled her hair and done her makeup for prom!

Bree, I know a lot of people told you last night, how much they missed you, and sent you well wishes, but we wanted to a little something more for you!  We miss you and can’t wait for you to get all healed up!



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